Friday, April 10, 2009

Progress Report 2

Well, I must say that this week's presentations were amazing. MyCampus was the most dramatic thing that has happened in and to this class I think. The group has tremendously delivered since FishVegas and seeing their presented response (1000+ users 20 hours after the deployment of their app) I'm now motivated to learn Chinese! Their implementation was excellent and the interaface seems extremely user friendly . It is a perfect application designed for nosy Xiaonei users.

Captain cook has always been up there and it seems like their new improved version is very cute as well! I play diner dash when I'm bored and may switch to Captain cook if they deploy a desktop version. Will definitely support them on facebook as well :)

Hmm.. spree kingdom was a good learn! Though we have tied up with NDP, we are doing it for free x_x. Spree kingdom's detailed examination of the entire workflow was good. Their team proves that programmers and non-programmers can contribute equally.

Varsity chronicles is a very nice concept. They have huge plans and though they have tried to limit themselves to casual gameplay, I still feel like it has the functionalities of a full-fledged RPG! good job guys - and I would really like to be one of the engin gals bashing up some other dude in the future (for now, I'll settle for the chem guy..he seems creepily cute :P)

Let's meet was simple and cute. I think they have a good idea but a lot of competitors. Their going out of facebook using facebook connect is something unique though and may give them an edge when marketed to the right people properly. The GYSB matching was simple and sweet. These guys know how to market!

We have apps all around this time - advertising, fun and RPG games, photocollage and facebook connect and what to say about Xiaonei - they've emerged as a class in themselves.
Overall an amazing class. :)

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